Potty training small dogs | Tips to housebreak your small puppy

Potty training small dogs – Tips to make it little easy to housebreak your small dog

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There is nothing better than sharing your life with a small cute little puppy that loves you unconditionally and is a faithful companion. If you have brought a new canine companion to your home, you have also brought a lot of responsibilities. You should provide it the best care, food and other necessities. You should also give it the best house training.

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Potty training small dogsHowever the biggest problem with a puppy is its house training that is teaching your puppy to go to the toilet and not to spoil your expensive rug. House training a puppy includes a number of things such as potty training, crate training and much more. Other elements of dog training can be postponed but dog toilet training shouldn’t, it should be started immediately without delay.

Puppies as compared to adult dog are bit easier to potty train as adult dog out of its habit has become used to. Whereas, a puppy is learning habits and thus can be molded to your convenience. You can start with taking your small puppy to the same place every day and you must stay there until it goes to restroom. Gradually, begin by taking your dog to the toilet usually at the same time of the day, especially after feeding.

You can use words such as “bad boy” or “no” when your small dog toilet at places he should not. You should appreciate or reward your puppy by giving it its favorite food or toy when it goes to right place for potty. Your puppy will notice this reward system and slowly it will learn to go potty in the toilet. You are required to keep a lot of patience during training.

You should also use disposable sheets, spread around the places where your puppy sleeps or plays, so that you can easily clean the place during training. You should leave the toilet door open once your small pet starts realizing that the proper place to go is toilet. Remember to keep the door open when your puppy has eaten or moves in a circle or acts restlessly. Try to understand these gestures to know what your puppy might be asking for.

Here are few tips to make it little easy to housebreak your puppy:

  • Feeding your puppy should take place at same time daily. Routine is very important. You should stick to the same routine of getting up and going to bed at the same time. Do not feed four hours before it going to bed and withdraw the bowl of water two hours before.
  • Take your puppy for a walk in the morning, 15-20 minutes after every drink or meal and before going to sleep. Remember you should not play with them until they have excreted.
  • Until your dog is trained try to restrict it to the rooms which have an easy to clean floor.
  • Dogs dislike doing toilet in the area where they normally eat and play. So if your dog has accidently done it on a wrong place, clean the place thoroughly and then feed or play with it over there.

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These little things are sure to help you and your pet as you will both will be able to live a happy and safe.

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